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    House-museum of Salvador Dali in Port Liegat

    • Portlligat, Spain
    • House-museum of Salvador Dali in Port Liegat$$
    • +34 972 251 015
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      House-Museum of Salvador Dali is located near the town of Cadaques on the shores of the Costa Brava. House in Port Liegat - favorite place in Dali and his wife, Goals, where they lived from 1930 until 1982.

      Spain - a country with a rich history and cultural heritage. At this point, came into the world and created their works by many famous people the world. Salvador Dali - a writer, sculptor, graphic artist, painter, filmmaker - was no exception. The creator was the only housing - in the village of Cadaqués.

      Marrying іmіgrantkі from Russia, Dali bought a small hut, where fishermen used to store gear. In the 30s the house looked old shack, and for forty years Gala and Dali bought neighboring houses, combining them into one. In Port Liegat artist created most famous works. Salvador Dali lived in the house until 1982, and after his wife left the house forever, for it is not able to stay there without his muse. After the death of the great painter in his house was opened the first museum in Spain the name of Dali.

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